Washtenaw ID Project

10983417_409343789228437_3084738144168122373_nNot having an ID makes the simple daily things that we all do, impossible: You cannot prove your identity to law enforcement, cash a check, sign a lease or even check out a book from the library.

Lack of identification is not just a problem affecting the undocumented community. Older adults, individuals with mental illness, those who are homeless, transgender folks and those of low socioeconomic status, all have been marginalized by state and federal identification systems that result in an accurate photo ID being inaccessible to them.


The Washtenaw ID Project is a program of Synod Community Services. Synod is a nonprofit agency working in conjunction with the Washtenaw County Government to promote public awareness of the County ID Card.

Introducing the Washtenaw ID Card

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YegiP8Gaeq8]