Get an I.D.


• You will need to bring documents to verify your identity and residency outlined in the
>>Washtenaw County I.D. Eligibility Criteria
• Be sure to check dates on your documentation to ensure that they are within the period of time indicated on the eligibility criteria
• Your picture will be taken the same day that you come in to apply
• Your Washtenaw I.D. will be printed and available to you same day that you apply
• You can download your application ahead of time and bring it already filled out
• If you need help filling out your application or verifying your eligibility, please click the I.D. Assistance tab at the top


$25 per identification card
• Cash or Credit Card only
• If you need help paying for your Washtenaw I.D., please contact us about eligibility for the Scholarship Fund


• The Washtenaw County Clerks Office is located at 200 N. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104
• The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm (applications must be in by 4:30pm)


• You must be 11 years or older to be eligible for the Washtenaw I.D.
• You must have proof of Washtenaw County residency dated within the past 60 days
• The Washtenaw I.D. is valid for 3 years after the date of issuance
• The Washtenaw I.D. does not display your gender
• The Washtenaw I.D. has a KNOWN AS line for the name that you identify with
• There is a portion on the back for Emergency Contact information to be displayed on the I.D.