Use the ID

If you are a business that would like to participate and stand among those who show their support for the Washtenaw ID, please reach out to us at We would love to add you to our list of supporters! Washtenaw ID Card Partners  We are thankful for the local businesses who are stepping forward and showing their support for the ID Card.
Old National Bank accepts the Washtenaw ID Card and does not require a Social Security Number to open a bank account.


Frank’s Drugs in Ypsilanti, Stadium Pharmacy, and Dexter Pharmacy accept the Washtenaw County ID for filling prescriptions as well as all other transactions.


 Stadium Pharmacy is issuing a 10% discount for anyone carrying a Washtenaw ID  Card on all purchases.

Additionally, Frank’s Drugs is offering a 10% discount on any store merchandise, although medications are already sold at a discounted price.


  Dos Hermanos Market in Ypsilanti is offering a 10% discount to Washtenaw County ID holders.

Lucky’s Food Market,  Argus Farm StopHarvest Liquor Store, and Nick’s Quick Stop all accept the Washtenaw ID as form of identification when purchasing cigarettes, alcohol, or using a credit card.


     Antonio’s Coney Island, Vedge Cafe, and Slurping Turtle in Ann Arbor offer a

10% discount to ID holders.       

  Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant offers 20% off to ID holders. 

 Encuentro Latino in Ypsilanti offers 10% to Washtenaw ID holders.
Bona Sera in Ypsilanti is accepting the ID as proof of age for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.      The Blue Leprechaun in Ann Arbor offers 10% off any food order to Washtenaw ID holders.  


Cultivate Coffee and Tap House
offers $1 off coffee drinks to all ID holders.

The Ravens Club in Ann Arbor offers 15% off to all ID holders.

TeaHaus in Ann Arbor offers 10% off to all ID holders.   Champion’s Liquor is offering 10% off two bottles of wine to any Washtenaw ID cardholder. screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-3-28-34-pm  
Cafe Verde Fair Trade Coffee Bar in Ann Arbor and the Arbor Brewing Company have  committed to accepting the Washtenaw ID.      

RETAIL AND MISCELLANEOUS  Spun Ann Arbor offers 5% to Washtenaw ID holders. Three Chairs Co. offers 10% their merchandise to Washtenaw ID holders.   Running Fit and Footprints offer 10% to ID holders.          
Crazy Wisdom Bookstore in Ann Arbor offers 10% off all merchandise (not including food or drink purchases). V2V in Ann Arbor offers 5% off to ID holders. 
Applied Fitness Solutions is committed to accepting the Washtenaw ID as proof of identity.

General Uses of the ID


  • Travel by Amtrak
  • Travel by GreyhoundUses-Travel
  • Identification for Hotel Stays


  • Serve as an Identity Document When Applying for a Driver’s 
License or State IDUses-Government
  • Serve as an Identity Document to Law Enforcement
  • Enable Access to County Services
  • Provide Proof of Identity and Residency for Library Cards
  • Prove Identity for the Notarization of Documents
  • Obtaining a Post Office Box

Basic NeedsUses-BasicNeeds

  • Prove Identity for Medical Appointments
  • Prove Identity to Fill Prescription at a Pharmacy
  • Prove Identity for Employment (the I-9 Form)
  • Prove Identity for Housing Contracts and Leases


  • Prove Identity to Cash a Check
  • Prove Identity When Using a Credit Card
  • Prove Identity and Birthdate for Special Discounts
  • Prove Age to Purchase Cigarettes
  • Prove Age to Purchase Alcohol
  • Shipping and Receiving Packages via Fed Ex and USP

What Businesses Can Do

To further expand the reach of the program, the Washtenaw ID Project is continuing to develop partnerships with local area businesses to raise awareness about the county ID and build support and solidarity between consumers and the business community. If you are a business owner, consider participating in the following ways:
  • Accept the Washtenaw County ID at your location
  • Publicly endorse the Washtenaw ID Project and get your name published on our web and outreach materials
  • Put a poster, flyer or small support sign in your business window  or at the counter
  • Designate a day to donate a % of your sales to the ID Project
  • Offer discounts to individuals who present the County ID in your business
  • Hold a table outside of your venue to raise awareness and pass out information
  • Allow employees to wear Washtenaw ID Project T-shirts and Pins
If your business is interested in getting involved, showing support or has any questions on how to further partner with the Washtenaw ID Project, please contact us at or 734-483-9363.